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The Firebirds, Homing Instinct and In Defence of Rome’s Starlings from Science Write Now, Poetry Edition 6, 18th March, 2022
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The Undoubting Thomas, A Death in India and I am not John from the ‘A Tensile Faith’ sequence
Eureka Street, Vol. 29, No, 10 on 27/5/2019
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Henley Park Canto
Cordite Poetry Review, Issue 84: Suburbia, 1/2/2018
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The Triune Brain: Reptile, Limbic and Neo-Cortex and The Sage of the Stomach
Glasgow Review of Books, 1/8/2018
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A Deceptively Similar Mind
Cordite Poetry Review, Issue 83: Mathematics, 1/11/2017
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A Chorale of the Savanna
StylusLit, Issue 2, September 2017
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Sung Water
Communion Arts Journal, No. 7, 2017
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Sage-Brush Sentinels from the ‘On a Wing and a Prayer’ sequence in Suture Lines
Meanjin Quarterly Vol. 75, Issue 2, Winter 2016
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Vertical Garden and Wollumboola Opens to the Sea
foam:e, Issue 13, 2016
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Singular Voices in the Strand
Red Room Poetry, The Disappearing Project, 2014
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The Angel Density Problem
Meanjin Quarterly Vol. 73, Issue 3 Spring, 2014
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Laneway Tom, with an introduction by Judith Beveridge
Cordite Poetry Review, Guncotton, 1/9/2014
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The Faithful Road and The Syro-Phoenician Dog Woman from the ‘Pseudepigrapha’ sequence in Suture Lines and Our Lady of the Trap-Door Spider
Eureka Street, Vol. 24. No. 16 on 18/8/2014
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The Boat People of the New England Highway
Eureka Street, Vol. 21. No. 23 on 29/11/2011
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lost and found
Eureka Street, Vol. 20, No. 12, 29/6/2010
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Photo credit: Julie Scully