Inventory of poems

cf. “An Embrace of Penguins”

Comprehensive List


For a comprehensive, though not full, listing of my poems that is updated periodically, click here. This list is updated from time to time.


Inventory of Published Poems

From An Existential Grammar:


Cincinnatus in the Garden of Decision Trees

Deciduous Grace


Racilia’s Eloquence

The Son Also Rises

A Lean and Hungry Look

Post-Script: The She-Wolf Demurs


Sparks and Embers

lost and found – Also published in Eureka Street

Our Lady of the Trap-Door Spider – Also published in Eureka Street

A Mother’s Country (“Chambers of the Black Hand”)

Champagne and red wine

Southern Wright Water – Also published in Famous Reporter

An Out-of-Season Royal Spoonbill

Idyll on Lake Wollumboola

The refugee of the camellias

Red Rattler

That Song

Kenneth White in Croydon

Singular Voices in the Strand – Also published by Red Room Poetry


The Ebb-Tide

Orphans of the Storm – Also published in Australian Poetry Collaboration

The Metal Hillside

The butterfly and the auto-rickshaw man – Also published in Pressed

Analects of the Autumn Flood

third person – Also published in Pressed

teppan dojo

Remembering Cincinnatus: An Imagined Life

Inflammation of the Gums

The Flesh Made Word

An Embrace of Penguins – Also published in Grey Sparrow (USA)

My Kingdom for an Ode

The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry – Also published in Tamba

The Boat People of the New England Highway –Also published in Eureka Street


From Suture Lines:

Heart and Hearth

Vertical Garden –Also published in foam: e

The Angel Density Problem – Also published in Meanjin

The Yellow Emperor Mulls His Concubine

A Dharma of Words

We hadn’t found a name

Schadenfreude and Gluckschmerz

Laneway Tom – Also published in Cordite

A Pam Brown Dark Home Biography

Singular Voices in the Strand II – Also published in Loving Kindness by Australian Catholic University

The Longbow of the Albatross

Waltzing Croydon –Also published in Imagine by Poetica Christi Press


“On a Wing and a Prayer”

The Eggs’ Emergence

Fledgling Seekers

StoryBird1: Gondwanaland

The Concept of King

The Accidental Priest – Also published in Southerly

Sage-Brush Sentinels –Also published in Meanjin

Reasons Not to Venture Abroad –Also published in Southerly

[Songs of the Reviled]

“The Way”

StoryBird2: Superb, Purposeful Sluts

Flights of Self

The Valley is Deep

The Observatory Pool

StoryBird3: The Origin of Song

“…world without end. Amen”


Face Value

Face Value and masking Tape –Also published in Communion (extract)

The Angel of Every Morning

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Pseudepigrapha – Also published in Eureka Street (extracts)


The Librarians of Alexandria

Thinking Feet

Second Thoughts


The place of the cure of the soul

Musings of Euergetes, Ptolemy III

The Pinakes: a catalogue


Callimachus Enlists Serapis I

Callimachus Enlists Serapis II

Marks of Distinction (The Invention of Punctuation)


Beyond the Dingo Fence

Northern Retreat

Cold Wisdom

A sauna in suburban Helsinki

The Scream

The Provenance of Pumice – Also published in Vine Leaves Journal

Wollumboola Opens to the Sea – Also published in foam:e

The Morning Shark

Beyond the Dingo Fence


Newer Works


Daughter-Sun – Published in Soft Serve by Hunter Writers & Newcastle University

The Undoubting Thomas– Published in Eureka Street

A Death in India– Published in Eureka Street

I am not John– Published in Eureka Street

Entanglement– Published in Solace by Australian Catholic University

Deep Sea Callings– Published in Empathy by Australian Catholic University

Henley Park Canto– Published in Cordite

A Deceptively Similar Mind– Published in Cordite

A Chorale of the Savanna– Published in StylusLit

The Triune Brain: Reptile, Limbic and Neo-Cortex – Published in Glasgow Review of Books (UK)

The Sage of the Stomach – Published in Glasgow Review of Books (UK)

Sung Water – Published in Communion

Sanctuary– Published in Southerly

The Common Sense of Bats – Published in Tincture Journal

Wink – Published in Rabbit

The River Remembered – Published in Sydney Rivers, Meuse Press

Venn Diagrams – Published in Australian Poetry Collaboration

The Post-Modern Problem with Trolleys and Footbridges – Published in Hermes

Photo credit: Julie Scully