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‘Lithe Evil’ included in Sydney Crime collection

My poem, ‘Lithe Evil’, is included in the collection, Sydney Crime, published by Meuse Press, available for free downloading at  https://meusepress.tripod.com/SydneyCrime.pdf.

Here is my poem:

Lithe Evil

‘Shiv”, Shiva the Destoyer, shiver
–a sonata of spine and fear–
I have loved this word waywardly,
the sleek espionage of how it
infiltrates a ribcage, punctures
a lung, the sectioning of an artery,
lengthwise or transversely, each
a delight in terminal craftmanship.
(I am also fond of “stiletto”.)
My first sallies were rehearsals
in pain, a buttock in an ATM queue,
an eye to an escaping corner, an arm
clutching a backpack strap
in a train entranceway, flight
through a just-in-time door.
I experimented with hidey-holes
until a sleeve-seam presented itself
as home for a wiry scabbard
and I devised a means of shaking
it free, unobtrusively. Now
I cut a fine figure prowling
the laneways and night shadows.

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Three poems in new anthology

Three poems in new anthology

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Reciting on DMQ Virtual Salon

Reciting on DMQ Virtual Salon

Here is a link to video of me reciting poems from A Fickle Pendulum - link.  The various readings are in year and month order.  I read in June, 2022.

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