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Basho in the Suburbs and Lost for Words

Poems published in an Australian-Romanian collaboration of 2020 co-ordinated by Dorel Cosma, Daniel Ionita, Zorin Diaconsecu and Menut Maximinian.


Bashō in the Suburbs


a bullnose veranda grazes over

tessellated tiles and tuck pointing

camellias gardenias and begonias

throng the fence-line   there is a music

of the throat   in the concrete


cars   buses   trucks   all ants of a kind

in endless procession   stop   give way

detour   no through road   instructions

for confusion    we so immerse ourselves

in motion   stillness has grown furtive


the crow is the smartest of birds

it sings of distance   even when nearby

the kookaburra crowns the neighbour’s stinkpipe

with a peaceful ruckus    it is pointless to quest

for certainty when one thing may mean another


    Lost for Words

(Intamooga/Black-Footed Tree Rat)


a forest is felled

its sawdust ploughed

under and fed into crops

or plaqued into housing


an empty tree hollow

with a once north-of-life aspect

cindered or colonised

by canola or architraves

is three times absent



tinder and kindle are now bereft

of fire   of rapture     they subsist

in apps and devices

and falter into seldom speech



loss inhabits many syllables

all carry a label

some count more than others


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Reading in Sydney on 31st July

Reading in Sydney on 31st July

I will read my poems, 'Bashō in the Suburbs' and 'Lost for Words (Intamooga/Black-Footed Tree Rat)', featured in a previous post, at the State Library of New South Wales in Macquarie Street on 31st July. This will be as part of the launch of Return Ticket from Sydney...

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Third Collection

Third Collection

I am excited to announce that Interactive Press has agreed to publish my third collection, entitled The Fickle Pendulum at this stage, some time in the second half of 2021.

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